Formerly known as "Bloody Narcissists"

Montgomery is a 3 piece indie rock band. Their catchy melodies will have you humming their tunes on an day-to-day basis. 

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"We were happy when Music Toronto reached out to us to be featured on his site. The shoot was fun, and went by quickly; the final product looked and sounded great.
- Montgomery


The Awkward Years is a two-piece indie punk band. This dynamic punk duo brings high energy in all of their performances. Whether they are playing to a crowd of 10 or hundreds of people, they never fail to put on a show.

"Music Scene Toronto is great to work with. They really have a vision for what they're trying to achieve."
- The Awkward Years

Peach Luffe

Peach Luffe is a Melancholic pop singer.  His songs are influenced by guitar playing from John Mayer and Mac Demarco, singing from Allen Stone and recent R&B, and melodies from early Coldplay. Jong describes his genre as Melancholic Indie-Pop, but even that is a misnomer.

Source: https://www.peachluffe.com/#about

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"Music Scene Toronto is a professional live video production company that every Toronto musician should utilize. Look at the work they've done for me. It speaks for itself. Plus the prices are hard to beat!" 
- Peach Luffe


Prwl is an indie rock band from Toronto.

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"Working with Music Scene Toronto was super awesome. They were very professional and the end product turned out amazing. Definitely recommend them to anyone looking for affordable, high-quality live session videos."


369 BAND

369 Band is a 4 piece Rock and Roll band. Their sound is influenced by Classic Rock and Modern Rock.

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Adrian Santana

Adrian Santana is a drummer from Mexico. He is fairly new to the City of Toronto. His versatility in playing different genres has allowed him to play in different bands from Metalcore to PopPunk. Adrian is also a session artist that makes Youtube videos of drum covers. 

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"Music Scene Toronto is a new professional company, quite useful and affordable. They are helping new artist share their music. The audio and video recordings in their live sessions are high quality. Definitely a good option to work with."
- Adrian Santana


Berner Trail

Berner Trail is a three piece rock and roll band from Toronto. Berner Trail writes and plays with passion. The true goal of art is not to be boastful or self-important, but to be something that others can relate to on a real level. Berner Trail creates their music to do that. 

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"Music Scene Toronto is extremely professional and intuitive, giving ideas and input. Would work with them again."
- Berner Trail

"Working with Music Scene Toronto was awesome! Right off the bat after meeting Luc and Andrew we knew they were down to earth, cool lads. The actual work environment was very professional and at the same time very chill and relaxed. Would recommend working with them to any other musicians and we for sure see ourselves in the future planning something again with them. Even through emails they were prompt and clear with communication which made things very easy to coordinate. Overall, killer dudes."
- Cigar Club 


Cigar Club

Cigar Club is an alternative/indie rock band that was formed just north of Toronto in the town of Newmarket. It can be seen through their playing styles that Dan, Trevor, Tyler and Jeff possess a distinctive connection with one another. Their sound is a representation of a wide variety of influences from each band member, ranging from John Mayer to Black Sabbath. The band has dived into the realm of pop rock, hard rock, blues rock, grunge and soul, showcasing their eclectic musicality. Cigar Club sometimes enjoys changing up their style to express musicial influences on multiple levels. 

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Deadlite is a five piece post-hardcore band from Toronto, Ontario. The band was formed in August 2018. They combine many different genres into our post-hardcore genre, such as melodic-hardcore, pop-punk, etc

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"Working with Music Scene Toronto for the live session was such an amazing experience. The collaborative work of Andrew and Luc in producing such quality live performances has brought so much more depth to the band's sound. The work ethic was top-notch, with their level of professionalism shining through the work they have put through our songs. Thank you for having us featured, and special thank you to Genesis Sound for providing us with whatever we needed to make this live session. Thank you."
- Deadlite 

"Working with Music Scene Toronto was nothing short of a blast. You come prepared and ready to do your thing, and they come ready and prepared to do their thing. Throughout our experience, Luc and Andrew were both pleasant to work with and released a final product that we were more than happy with. The video and audio come off as organic
without compromising on quality. You really can’t ask for more than that."
- Bastila


Bastila is a four-piece progressive metal band from Toronto, Canada. By combining elements of synthwave, progressive metal, and fusion, the band packages together a collection of tight grooves, lush soundscapes, and lasting melodies. The group pushes the boundaries of technicality and creativity
while maintaining a strong melodic backbone. You can expect to hear music that is from the heart.
Bastila released their debut EP “Mother Terrain” in 2018 with vocalist Devlin Edgar Flynn, and followed with the
release of their first instrumental EP “Genera” later that year.

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The Lookout Service

The Lookout Service is a young rock band coming out of Toronto, ON. The band combines elements of both classic rock and indie rock to create a unique listening experience.

"Music Scene Toronto is a must for any band looking to add high-quality production and videography to the band's EPK to a more professional level. I highly recommend the service. Plus the team is made up of some great guys who we thoroughly enjoyed working with."
- The Lookout Service

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